Architects / Engineers

As a New York-based minority-owned business, BRUS has sound relationships with a wide range of private developers, governmental agencies, local community groups, architects, and sub-contractors.

A representative list of Architects / Engineers include:
  • Abraham Joselow, P.E.
  • Andrew Formichella, Architect
  • Beth Cooper Lawrence
  • David Lloyd Maron / Architect, PC
  • David M. Burdett, DAS Studio
  • DeLaCour and Ferrara
  • Catania-Nack Architects
  • Feder Stia Architects
  • Griffin Architect
  • Ken Wille Associates
  • Mark A. Warren, Praxis Architecture, PC
  • Michael Avramides
  • Michael Ivanhoe McCaw Architect, PC
  • OCV Architects
  • Peter Franzese
  • Robert Santoriello
  • Sideris Kefalas Engineers, P.C.
  • Steve Kaplan, P.E., P.C.
  • Terrence O’Neal Architects
  • Urban Architectural Initiatives